Dear Mondelez,

We have been concerned about child labour and slavery in the chocolate industry particularly in West Africa.

We recognise that you started the Cocoa Life Program in response and that it has been a process of development. We want to THANK YOU for the community development approach and for :

- Empowering communities to advocate for their own development

- Setting up and training Child Protection Committees to become the focal point within the community and primary liaison to school and district authorities

- Empowering women at household and community level

- Using government-developed strategies to support national policies and avoid the creation of parallel systems

- Sharing all data with the authorities and refering identified cases for remediation whenever needed

- Increasing income from cocoa farming as well as additional sources

- Take a broader lens and consider child rights beyond child labour, for instance setting up child reading clubs to empower children to advocate for their own rights

We look forward to the ways you invest in these and develop these initiatives .

Yours Sincerely