Dear Nestle,

This is 2020 and since 2001 you have been talking about removing child labour from your supply chain, that will soon be 20 years! We recognise efforts have been made and that Nestlé Cocoa Plan program is making progress.

Now it is time to put it all together!

We do recognise the work of the Nestle Cocoa Plan and the transparency, schools built and your leadership in Child Labour Monitoring and Remediation Schemes (CLMRS) and the Tackling Child Labour reports.

We are asking for your commitment to a CLMRS (Child Labour Monitoring and Remediation System) on 100% of your sourcing farms in West Africa to be brought in as soon as possible. We believe the sooner this comes in the sooner we can have a more clean chocolate industry. We also ask for an increase in the number of days of the local liaison / child Monitoring people are paid so that the program you have developed will grow its effectiveness.

We also believe a commitment to paying a price for the cocoa above the Government Living Income Differential (LID) and the regular certification premiums, will be a key step to prevent child labour and forced labour abuse.

We look forward to you publishing robust commitments around these matters.

Thank you in anticipation